Salt Free Vs. Salt Softening



The Facts About Salt Free Systems

The pelican nature soft exerts its effect directly on the hardness materials of calcium and magnesium. The resin media attracts the CA & MG minerals and your incoming water supply and causes them to crystallize into structures, break off from the resin beads, then travel through the pipes to break off existing scale that is in your plumbing and appliances. In doing so the resin beads continually attract any new CA and MG minerals that enter the water supply. Because this process continually keeps the resident free from any buildup, The media never becomes exhausted and therefore never needs to be replaced. The nature soft has been third-party performance tested and proven effective in rigorous and structure testing. No other salt free system can make this claim.

The Facts About Salt Softening Systems
Salt-based water softening system.

Add two salts for each CA or MG taken out of water

Adds high-volume of sodium to drinking water

Requires regeneration using hundreds of gallons

Requires electricity and drain access

Dumps brine water into ecosystem

Very costly maintenance

Requires 25 to 50 pound bags to be lifted into system

Usually necessitates in our old system for drinking