Understanding DVGW Certification


Pelican Water Systems NaturSoft Systems are the only third-party tested DW-9191 certified salt free water softener with 99.6% prevention of scale buildup. To view Pelican Water’s DVGW Certification Listing on DVGW’s website Click Here.


What is DVGW Certification?

The DVGW is an organization that establishes standards and test protocols. It also approves or certifies laboratories to then conduct testing according to those standards and protocols. The same can be said for NSF in the US.

The DVGW is located in Bonn, Germany. It has its own laboratory by the name of TZW located in Karlruhe, Germany. Beyond that, the DVGW has certified some twenty plus privately owned laboratories throughout central Europe who are authorized to conduct certification testing. The same holds true for NSF. It has its own laboratory and those certified by NSF like WQA, UL and Pace Laboratories to name a few.

The DVGW also issues test marks or certifications (i.e. the WQA equivalent of a “Gold Seal”) like the “W510″ standard. Their internal code for the W510 certification is “9191 – Kalkschutzanlage” (scale protection device). In order to obtain the W510 certification seal or certification mark, the applicant has to pass a total of three test protocols: Efficacy (W512), material safety and structural integrity.

DVGW W 510 Standard

The DVGW 9191 – Anti-Scale standard uses the worlds strictest guidelines to determine the effectiveness of a system to prevent scale using Worksheet W 510. W510 combines 3 testing requirements that all systems must pass: 1) Structural Integrity, 2) Microbiological Testing (W 270 and KTW tests) and 3) Performance in Scale Prevention (W512). Unlike the NSF acceptable passing level of 50% for performance, the DVGW protocol for scale prevention performance (W 512) requires 80% or better to pass. In order to obtain a certification under DW-9191 with test report W 510 you must pass at least 4 separate tests, plus the W 510 requirements. Pelican has passed all 5 requirements to be listed as a DW-9191 certified product.

DVGW W 512 – Performance Testing

The DVGW W 512 standard is the most stringent of its type in the world. In order to be subjected to the most rigorous test protocol possible, sparing no expense, we have commissioned to have our equipment performance not tested in the US , but tested by a DVGW certified laboratory in the home country of the standard itself, Germany. The test aims to simulate real life conditions over an exceptionally long period of time using some extremely challenging natural well water.

DVGW W 270 & KTW Assessments – Microbiological Testing

To protect drinking water from microorganisms on non-metallic materials, the DVGW indicated the necessity for adherence to the requirements set out in the DVGW Code of Practice W 270 “The growth of microorganisms on materials intended for use in drinking water systems – examination and assessment!”. DVGW also established KTW Assessments which test all plastic parts, coatings, rubber and lubricants to UBA and BGA guidelines to ensure chemicals are not leeched into your water.